Even though this site is just a mockup, it is fully functioning. Feel free to login and try out the commenting system for example.

The project combines a lot of different types of technologies, many of which were new to me before I started this solo project. It was not always easy to get the different aspects of this full-stack project to work together.

Examples of situations that started out with total cluelessness:

  • setting up Nginx to serve static files,
  • discovering necessary but deleted settings in docker-compose files,
  • preventing containers to run in root, and with PostgreSQL databases secured,
  • finding out gcc was needed to build binaries during image creations,
  • not undertanding why automated e-mails are not sent during sign-up (answer: gmail can block automated logins) .

The specs are:

  • Python-Django framework,
  • Dockerized (docker-compose),
  • Postgresql database,
  • Nginx reverse proxy,
  • WSGI server (Gunicorn),
  • Sentry (Raven-Python),
  • SSL (Let's Encrypt),
  • Javascript,
  • Ajax calls (for forum interaction),
  • HTML templating,
  • CSS,
  • Bash scripting,
  • Hosted on Digital Ocean,
  • Created in Linux (Mint) .

To visit the site click here. The repository can be found here.


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